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Access Paths, Bridges, Fencing and enclosures can be a constant thorn in the side of Scottish Land Owners with the statutory implications imposed under the Occupiers Liability (Scotland) Act 1960, Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 and the Wildlife & Natural Environment (Scotland) Act 2011.

Environmental and safety concerns; the impact of any commercial project on the environment today must be taken into consideration and there are governmental bodies tasked with assessing any health and safety issues arising from such a project. As such, ensuring a suitable and sufficient risk & environmental impact assessment is carried out, to enhance safety both during and after the project is essential. 

Highland Hill Services offer a robust safety inspection and audit program for all Farm, Forestry and Estate, access paths, bridges, fencing, gates and stiles. 

Service Includes:

    • Occupier liability issues
    • Public Safety
    • Bridge safety inspections
    • Path safety inspections
    • Fence suitability
    • Wildlife & livestock welfare
    • Condition maintenance inspection
    • Employee welfare issues (working with live stock)
    • Closures and access facility assessment (vehicular and foot)
    • Fence construction Risk Assessment
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