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Corvid & Mustelid Management


Corvids are all part of the Corvidae family and are considered to be a pest bird species, all are on the general licence and subject to control methods, they are all prone to both injure or destroy songbirds or game bird nests and eggs, most are considered as an agricultural pest as they tend to congregate in very large communal numbers and can cause serious crop damage, or injury to livestock and consume huge amounts of animal foodstuff, they cause major health and safety issues in and around urban surroundings.

Who is affected by Corvids?

    • Farms, Estates and Parkland due to crop damage & livestock injury
    • Golf clubs where they root for insects and crane fly larvae (leatherjackets)
    • Sheep and game farms, due to predation
    • Heritage sites and buildings, nesting and erosion
    • Landfill and waste sites, due to Environment Agency and local licensing
    • Airports due to nesting activity, flocking and possible airstrike risks

Corvids are generally not welcome on SSSI sites or areas of conservation where they take eggs from rare song birds or predate on small mammals, lizards and reptiles.


Control measures can include trapping, shooting, nest destruction and a combined use of various scaring devices or techniques other more specialised methods are used in urban situations

    • Live predatory bird and Pest control using falcons and hawks
    • Bird proofing using netting or sprung wire or spiking installations
    • PVC strips to exclude from buildings
    • Scaring using noise or visual deterrents including laser bird control or flashing strobe lights
    • Bird scaring kites and heli-kites, although habituation to artificial methods is normally quite quick with no long term effect

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