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Deer Management Contract Tender Submission Services

We understand that when you’re bidding for work, there is no silver medal. Even if bidding for a place on a framework contract, where more than one contractor can be chosen, the volume of work you can expect to receive drops off dramatically outside of the top few spaces.

Bidding for work from either public or private sectors isn’t a walk in the park. Gone are the days where you can get by on reputation – or price – alone.

Instead, these bids require your business to have a strong foundation of trading history, experience and documented policies and procedures to call upon. As far as the public sector is concerned, it’s no use being excellent at what you do if you can’t demonstrate that your systems are strong, you’ve been here before and your excellence is underpinned by structure and process.

The time to get your business policies in shape is before those must-win tender lands on your desk.

At Highland Hill Services we are able to ensure your policies, documentation and strategies are all lined up, I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Public sector (FCS) tenders require a water tight health and safety structure to be in place, as well as stringent health compliance; we can assure that.

We do not simply write tenders, we produce compelling narrative that highlights your competence and ability in Deer Management to fulfil the contract you are bidding for, and ultimately helps you secure that contract.

However there is little point having all of the above if it is not recorded, packaged and delivered in an attractive format that attracts the buyers’ attention.

We will work with you in structuring your whole tender document, to ensure that when the submission date is past, you are confident you have done all that was possible to give you the very best chance of a successful tender.

Nobody can promise a successful tender in such a competitive market; however, our record is very much in the upper quartile of successful tenders.

Please do not hesitate to contact Highland Hill Associates for a discussion regarding any area of tender submission.


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Please do not hesitate to contact Highland Hill Associates to enquire about these services.