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Deer Management

Competent Deer management Plans (DMP) can provide a practical and effective framework within which Land managers can first acknowledge and then attempt to balance the demand on land.

Deer Damage

    • Browsing
    • Crop Trampling
    • Bud nipping
    • Bark Stripping
    • Fraying
    • Rooting
    • Foraging on crops

Highland Hill Services, through our qualified Deer Managers (certified by the BDS), offer professional services to land managers in carrying out, what are normally; labour intensive and time consuming tasks. Our services will help the client to successfully expedite deer management objectives.

At Highland Hill Services we offer the following Deer Management elements.

    • Farm/ Forestry Protection
    • Cull modelling
    • Golf Course stock maintenance
    • Country House Hotel Control
    • Private country Residence Control
    • Park Deer Humane dispatch
    • Case application for night time culling (if applicable)

Due to the ability of our highly trained, well equipped operatives, we are happy to take on Golf Course and Country Hotel projects; where although a few deer, to view occasionally, add to the client experience, we can ensure these numbers do not expand to such a degree, they begin to impact company profit. Due to the fact we also specialise in H & S ensures all safe system of works are in place and suitable and sufficient risk assessments are carried out by our competent assessors.