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Forestry Safety

Forestry is still one of the most dangerous occupations in the UK. In the five years up to March 2010, there was an average of 10.4 fatalities per 100,000 workers in the forestry industry in the UK; this is higher than the construction industry.

Sadly, 2011/12 examples of Forestry Fatalities, are:

    • 39-year-old self-employed contractor struck by a tree branch that had broken off a felled tree.
    • 18-year-old tree surgeon struck by a tree when he walked into a tree felling zone.
    • 59 -year old forestry worker, crushed under forwarder tracks
    • 67-year-old forester crushed by a falling hung up tree bought down by a sudden gust of wind.

Highland Hill Services, as members of FISA, works with the forestry industry to make a lasting change to the safety record of this sector. Timber growers, contractors and landowners all have a part to play in making sure people's lives aren't put at risk whenever commercial forestry operations are taking place. We vigorously support the HSE ‘Make the Promise’ programme, by offering timely, risk specific and fiscally prudent professional advice and training services. Normal considerations in forestry will now include, Zoonosis, Occupier Liability (Scotland) and ‘Right to roam’ as well as updated and new legislation, including Working at height (2005), Fire (Scotland) Act 2005, updated COSHH and RIDDOR, to mention but a few.  

Services we offer, to mitigate the likely hood of a statutory breach: 

    • Forest Works Manager (FWM)
    • Contractors Site Safety coordinator strategy/ training
    • Health & Safety Policy
    • Risk Assessment
    • Traffic Management Systems
    • Lone Worker strategies
    • Safety Audits
    • Manual Handling Risk Assessments
    • Specific Job Safety Analysis
    • Fire risk Assessment
    • Work at Height Assessment
    • PPE Risk Assessment
    • PUWER Audits (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998)
    • COSHH Assessment (Chemicals and Substances)
    • Safe Contractor Selection
    • Emergency Action planning

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