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Hill Fox Management

Lamb losses by fox predation costs the Farming Industry approximately £6,000,000. This is nowhere greater realised than by the Hill Farmer who does not always have the luxury of housing ewes for lambing.

Hill fox control is one of the most critical management tools a sheep farmer has. However this is time consuming at a period in the farming year where every minute is accounted for.

Highland Hill Services specialise in Hill foxing, understanding the critical nature of rapid intervention pre and post lambing, to ensure losses are minimal.

We apply various strategies:-

    • Thermal Imaging
    • Terrain Mapping
    • Infra-Red Camera Technology
    • Colour Lens Lamping
    • Scent Terriers (Scree)
    • Vantage Fire Points
    • Tracking
    • Live Den Identification
    • Route Snaring
    • Rock Face Access (Baiting)
    • Sensitive area Live Trapping (species specific)

We use low impact all-terrain vehicles to access ground quickly and efficiently, which helps maximise operational time on the ground ensuring best value. Various options and packages are available to suit both your size of operation and type of terrain.


If there are any queries or information on any of the above or other matters, please enquire below.