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Rural Fox Management

Highland Hill Services offer a 5 tier service for fox management:

    • Thermal Imaging
    • Night Lamping Package
    • Day Location Program
    • Live Capture
    • Snaring Program (Police Scotland Registered)
    • Den Location

Any of the above can be taken in any combination or individually as you see fit, we will also tailor packages to suit your situation. All programmes are conducted from a combination of vehicle, foot and static position.

With all our programmes we will always use technology that is currently available, to best advantage. We will commonly use camera trap systems to identify regular fox runs and numbers, night vision scopes used in static lay-ups and multiple IR and filter light set-ups for lamping.

As part of our ethically driven services we will always use non- fatal trapping methods in environmentally sensitive areas, particularly when we are advised of protected non target species within the immediate area.

We work to a strict lone worker policy and when we cannot put a safe system of work in place, we will always avoid lone working. We use a combination of hand held radios and mobile phones to maintain communication at all time.

Prior to any operation being undertaken we will always liaise with Police Scotland, to advise them of the time and location of the tasks being undertaken, this also assists the land owner in meeting their ‘due diligence’ under the WANE Act 2011.


If there are any queries or information on any of the above or other matters, please enquire below.