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Slab Sawing

Slab Sawing

Our aim is to put sustainable development into practice.

Trees that must be felled are often left to rot or are pulped. Highland Hill Services takes the full value from the wood ensuring the tree is used to its full potential. We work with tree surgeons, land owners, and woodland trusts to convert felled trees into useful timber.

It’s a common misconception that urban trees are fire wood. Most of the oldest trees standing today are in urban forests. These trees can become much more than just an inconvenience or a pile of wood chip. We will salvage and up cycle main trunks and butts after felling by a tree surgeon; we custom mill at your site with your own logs or at our site for your project using our state of the art portable chainsaw mills, to turn waste wood into beautiful functional slab sawn timber.

We can cut slabs, posts, beams or planks from:

    • Metric: 12mm x 12mm to 305mm x 810mm
    • Imperial: ½ inch x ½ inch to 12 inch x 32 inch

We shall assess the green wood trunk so as to maximise the recoverable timber, before marking out, aligning then milling the log. We will also give best advice on storage for air drying of the finished product. Our mill produces rough sawn timber, allowing you to decide how you wish the finished product to look once it has air dried.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal chat in the first place, to discuss your ideas or inspirations.