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Stock & Crop Protection Services

Hill Fox Management Solutions

Hill fox control is one of the most critical management tools a sheep farmer has. However this is time consuming at a period in the farming year where every minute is accounted for. Highland Hill Services specialise in Hill foxing, understanding the critical nature of rapid intervention pre and post lambing, to ensure losses are minimal.

Rural Fox Management Solutions

Highland Hill Services offer a 5 tier service for fox management. Our fox management services can be taken in any combination or individually as you see fit, we will also tailor packages to suit your situation. All programmes are conducted from a combination of vehicle, foot and static position.

Wild Boar/Hybrid/Feral Pig Control Solutions

Highland Hill Services can offer a Wild Boar/ Hybrid contract cull service.

Corvid & Mustelid Management Services

Control measures can include trapping, shooting, nest destruction and a combined use of various scaring devices or techniques other more specialised methods are used in urban situations.