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Wild Boar/Hybrid/Feral Pig Control

Highland Hill Services can offer a Wild Boar/ Hybrid contract cull service

Reasons for control to date:

    • Plant and grazing destruction through rooting
    • Destruction of ground nesting, bird nests & eggs
    • Damage to Stock and Deer Fencing
    • Hazard to pets & domestic animals
    • Potentially carry TB, SVD or FMD

Operational Strategy:

    • Initial Visual Ground work
    • Camera Traps
    • Static High Seat placement
    • Feeding in period
    • Cull management

Safe behavior in areas with Wild Boar/ Feral Pig populations:

    • If walking in an area known or suspected to be occupied by wild boar, dogs should be kept on a lead.
    • Avoid walking through dense undergrowth where wild boar may be encountered at close quarters.
    • If you see wild boar, do not approach them; if possible leave the area by the same route you approached by, or make a detour giving the animals a wide berth.
    • If you see wild boar and you have a dog off the lead, call the dog to heel and put it on a lead immediately.
    • If you have a dog off the lead and it chases wild boar or will not return when called, stay at a safe distance and continue to call the dog back; do not approach the boar.
    • Sows with young piglets are potentially more dangerous than other boar because they may attempt to defend their young. They have a prolonged breeding season but most litters are born in spring. Avoid walking in areas known or suspected to be occupied by wild boar during this period (February to May). In particular, avoid dense woodland or other thick cover as such areas are favoured as resting and breeding sites.

If there are any queries or information on any of the above or other matters, please enquire below.