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Wildfire Risk Assessment

Damage to moorland from wildfire can be absolutely devastating to any rural industry, whether by accident, whilst Muirburning; or deliberate, through wilful fire raising, however, it is not only the immediate damage to the vegetation that needs to be considered. There will inevitably be collateral damage to wildlife, employment, housing, rare flora and fauna as well as pollution of water courses.

A requirement of all responsible land owners, under Fire Legislation, is to have a suitable and sufficient risk assessment carried out and reviewed at regular intervals. They should also have an adequate Rural Fire action plan. This should now be a priority in any management strategy; due to the complete restructure of the Scottish Fire Service into one entity on April 1st 2013; inevitably leading to a streamlining of frontline services, possibly including the removal of some rural fire cover.

Highland Hill Services, with 27 years professional Fire experience, can supply a comprehensive, professional service supplying competent Moorland Fire Risk Assessment and Emergency Fire action planning. We can also supply a Fire liaison Manager for your Estate or land Management responsibility.

Service Includes:

    • Fire training gap analysis
    • Topographic risk mapping
    • Emergency access and egress
    • Water supply
    • Natural resources
    • Containment strategy
    • Diversion and sacrificial area ID
    • Fire prevention
    • Area signage
    • Specified emergency tasking
    • Communication and information strategy
    • Equipment and consumable resources
    • Strategic and tactical management
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